This company was established in 1965 in Arrifana, region of footwear manufacturers in the north of Portugal and has since then been involved in high quality production of men's classic shoes.

The firm specializes in Goodyear shoes made by highly skilled craftsmen who regard their labour with passion.

Based on its vast experience Artur Pinho Lda always carefully chooses the best skins to insure the best results. This reflects the taste and devotion ensuring that our costumer always gets the best comfort and durability.

At the end of the first decade of 2000, the company had to undergo a process of restructuring resulting from financial problems of the past. The second generation is responsible for the restructuring making Arthur Pinho a company capable, in a continuously and present way, to innovate in the market of luxury products.

The innovations are constant not only in water-proof systems but also in the area of vintage style finishing, an essence of our Company.

The brand GoldenGreen Shoes reflects the new attitude in golf shoes fashion.