Our shoes are built using the Goodyear welt construction which is a traditional method for well-made waterproof shoes.

A rib is created perpendicular to the face of the insole through which twine is stitched. After both the upper and insole are secured to the last, the welt (a third strip of leather) is sewn to the upper and the rib of the insole.

A lockstitch is used so that if one stitch comes undone all the stitching does not become unbraided. A second row of stitching is used to connect the other side of the welt to the outsole.

A goodyear welt construction has a number of advantages:
• A welted shoe highly water-proof
• The shoe keeps its shape a long time, even after repair
• The shoe is more comfortable because the cavity between the insole and the sole is filled with resin-bonded cork, which gradually takes the shape of the feet.
• The welted shoe can be repaired more than one time

Our shoes have a water-proof membrane between the lining and the upper. This system allowed the respiration of your feet and prevents entrance of water. The welt also has water-protection. All these characteristics combined result in 16 hours water-proof.